The Company

Murapol Real Estate SA (former name Variant S.A.) is a parent company of Abadon Real Estate Group, which consists of: CROSS-BUD Sp. z o.o., MURAPOL ARCHITECTS DRIVE S.A., PARTNER S.A., WHIZZ S.A., Murapol Centrum Usług Wspólnych Sp. z o.o., Major Facility Management Sp. z o.o., Turnkey - Home Design Sp. z o. o. and Home Credit Group Finanse i Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.

Murapol Real Estate Group focuses on broadly understood contractor’s activity, covering the entire investment cycle from conceptual phase, through performance to disinvestment. The scope of offered services includes acquisitions of real properties, architect’s services, general contracting, nation-wide trade in construction materials, sales and commercialisation services, turnkey finishing of flats, accounting and bookkeeping services, financial controlling as well as marketing and advertising services. In subsequent phases of development, Murapol Real Estate S.A. will focus on extending the network of sales and operating base in all the cities inhabited by over 250 k people and in selected cities with the population of over 100 k.

Currently, the basis group of Murapol Real Estate Group business partners are entities from Murapol S.A. holding. The Group’s strategy includes continuous increase of external customer’s’ orders in its portfolio, with special consideration given to orders for external financial investors and increased exposure to commercial estate sector.

Extended internal operating competences in combination with capital support from Murapol S.A holding will allow Murapol Real Estate S.A. (apart from rendering basic services) to provide comprehensive services for developer projects qualified as distressed asset category. Owing to the possibility of providing the Customers with bridge financial support in the form of mezzanine financing and in combination with the possibility of executing investments under partnership program with co-participation of Murapol S.A., Murapol Real Estate S.A. will be capable of cooperating with business partners who do not have sufficient funds for independent performance or completion of the project.

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